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Export Wechat Messages from PC, iPhone, Android Phone - Cok Wechat Messages Extractor

Cok Wechat Messages Extractor can export all chat history from Wechat for Windows, iPhone and Android phone. It can extract all text, audio, photos, video, transceiving files from your Wechat. The principle of this software is decrypting and reading database file of Wechat for Windows. If you want to transfer and extract Wechat messages from your phone to your PC, you only need to use the built-in function of Wechat to migrate messages from your phone to Wechat for Windows at first. And then use our software to export your Wechat messages.

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Cok Wechat Messages Extractor Video Guide:

Steps to Export/Extract WeChat Messages

1. Login your Wechat for Windows on your PC at first. Then operate your iPhone or Android phone as the following picture: Open Wechat on your mobile phone, click "Me", "Settings", "General", "Chat History Migration & Backup".
Notice: If you just want to export Wechat messages from Wechat for Windows, please skip over this step and the next step.

2. Click "Migration", "Migrate to PC", "Migrate Entire Chat History" or "Migrate Part of Chat History", and then migrate your messages from your mobile phone to your computer.

3. Install and run "Cok Wechat Messages Extractor". After a while (about 2-10 seconds), your logged in Wechat account will be detected by our software. Click "View Logs" button.
Notice: You need to login in your Wechat on your computer. Otherwise, your Wechat account can't be detected.

4. Now you can view all your messages with your Wechat contacts and groups.

5. Also, you can click "File", "Export" menu to export Wechat messages.

6. After exporting, the following file and folders will be extracted.
files: receiving and sending files.
images: receiving and sending photos.
video: receiving and sending video.
voice: receiving and sending audio messages.
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7. Under images folder, you can find out all images which are sorted with the time of sending and receiving.
Export WeChat Messages to PC

8. Under voice folder, you can find all audio messages (sorted with time).
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With Cok Wechat Messages Extractor, you can export your Wechat messages from your Windows computer, iPhone, Samsung, Google Pixel, Xiaomi, Huawei, OnePlus, Oppo, Vivo, Sony, Realme, Motorola, Asus, Tecno Mobile, LG, ZTE, HTC, etc. In another words, it can extract Wechat messages from Windows, iOS, Android, HarmonyOS system.


1. Why I can't read Chinese characters in Cok Wechat Messages Extractor?
A: Please view


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