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Mouse automatically click software - Cok Free Auto Clicker

Free Auto Clicker Software

Cok Free Auto Clicker is a free program that used for clicking mouse automatically and continuously, it could simulate both left click and right click. You only need to set the intervals of continuous click and tap the fixed start&stop hotkey, this software will click automatically and continuously, and it will stop this operation when you press the start&stop hotkey again. Cok Free Auto Clicker is easy to use, dispense with installation, and it is totally portable software.
Notice: If you run it on Windows Vista or Win7 system, Please don't double-click it to open it. You should right-click it and then click "Run as Administrator". Or right-click the software and then click "properties" , checked "Run this program in compatibility mode for" "Windows Xp" option in "Compatibility" tab.

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You can set the following parameters in Cok Free Auto Clicker:
1. Set simulate click:left click or right click;
2. Set time interval of click;
3. Set start&stop hotkey, default hotkey is Ctrl + D, you can modify it to any key that you like;
4. Set auto run on windows startup. If you tick this option on, software will start automatically when computer start up.
5. Set auto minimize to tray. When this software start up, it will minimize to tray automatically.

Advantages of Cok Free Auto Clicker
Though Cok free auto clicker is free software, we strived for excellence when developed it. Comparing with a number of other software that similar to ours, Cok Free Auto Clicker has some remarkable advantages as follow:
All set parameters can be saved.
Type of click, time interval and hotkey that you set can be saved completely, when you run it the next time, it will apply the parameters that being used last time. While many other competing software don’t have this function, make it quite troublesome and time-wasting to set parameter again.
It can auto start when computer start up.
All the other auto click software online can’t auto start, but for some gamers, auto click software is a necessarily supplementary tool, it can be very inconvenient if it can’t auto start. If you don’t need this software start automatically, it can set it not to auto start too.
It can minimize to tray.
Most competing software only can minimize to taskbar, when we run quite a lot programs in computer or we need the minimized programs show on the monitor, they can make us confusing. With the function of minimizing to tray, we can use it and other software easily. When we need it ,we can only use the hotkey to start it. In addition, it is a tiny software with tiny memory, has zero bad effect when using computer.
Attention: if you want to log out Cok Free Auto Clicker, please click “Exit” button below the software window, or you can right click the tray icon and click “Exit” menu. It only can minimize to tray if you click the close button on top right corner of the window rather than quit the software.

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