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Fast Clicker for Mouse Speed Clicking Game - Cok Free Auto Clicker Software

Free Auto Clicker Software

Cok Free Auto Clicker is the best and fast auto clicker software to simulate mouse click speedily. Playing computer games is avocation of many young people and teenager, many people in order to increase their game level, they played game almost non-stop for all day long, all night long. Their most action is never tires of clicking repeatedly. Even if you click as fast as you can, clicking manually is slow than clicking automatically with automation software. It is a right choice to auto clicking mouse with Cok Free Auto Clicker. The fastest speed can be 100 clicks per second. You can adjust the click speed with your wishes. Once you press the hotkey, the fast auto click software will send click command to operation system immediately and circularly.

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Why Gamers Need Speed Clicker to Fast Click Mouse Automatically

About twenty years ago, when I am a young child, there is only arcade game at that date. Playing knockout game is popular in those years. With the popularization of science and network, computers have used in wide fields. We can play many games in computer such as: motorcycle and car racing game, football game, role-playing game and other many online game etc. Many young boys or girls are crazy about role-playing game now. We control the games with two main input devices of keyboard and mouse. Generally, Clicking mouse will attack other players. In order to win the game, we should speedily and continuously click mouse to kill other roles. This mechanical movement of clicking mouse will be done over and over again, beyond this, the speed of mouse clicking is slow, ordinary people can only do 5-6 clicks every second. But with Cok Free Auto Clicker, software can simulate 100 clicks every second. It far outpace clicking with your hand. So many game lover need it to emulate fast mouse clicking.

How to Use The Best Speedy and Fast Clicker Software

1, Download the fast clicking software and then install it by double-click installation package.
2, When the installation procedures finished. Auto clicker software will start to run immediately and automatically.
3, Set some parameters such as click type, interval, hotkey, etc. Generally, we need not to change it, we can use the default setting.
4, Move the mouse to the position where you want to click and then press start hotkey. Default hotkey is Ctrl+D.
Notice: During auto clicking period, we can move the mouse discretionarily, after you move the mouse, software will simulate clicking in the current position. In another words, software will always click the current mouse position after you press hotkey.
5, Clicking hotkey again to stop auto clicking action.
Notice: We can let this fast clicker software keep minimizing state during entire process of software operation.


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