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Best and Fast Auto Typer Software to Simulate Keyboard Input.

Cok Free Auto Typer is the best auto typer software to help you quickly input sentence which you have predetermined. It simulates keyboard auto input fast. Only a key, whole paragraph or article will be input instantly. There is no any delay just like you have copied it to clipboard and now you click Ctrl+V to paste it. It not only support English fast input, but also support whole world language include Chinese, French, Arabic, Russian, etc. So no matter what country you are in, you can use this best auto input software no any difficulties.

Free Auto Typer Software

It is very easy to start using this fast auto typer software. We can use it in two steps, the first step is add items, you should set the hotkey and sentence which you will need to input frequently. The second step is press the predeterminate hotkey to fast input words when you need. You can quickly input web site address, frequent ask question, product description, personal information or other any sentence which is not exceed 3000 characters with this simulate keyboard input software. Generally, 3000 characters can meet almost all users’ demand. If you feel it is not meet your demand, please contact us with email to tell us your demand.

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Why We Developed This Best Auto Typer Software to Auto Input Text Fast.

We are a computer software development company. Apart from this simulate keyboard software to fast auto type sentence, we also developed other many shareware and freeware in the past couple of years. After we finished a new software or update a old software, we will need to republish it to many download sites. Our working staff have to input many information about our software when they submit it to download site. They need input our company name, software name, company URL, version, description, program screenshot URL, download URL, program icon URL and other many information over and over again. Our staff is in great trouble for it. Generally, they saved all the information in a text document, and then copy and past it one by one, this circulation will repeat heaps of times. So we thought if we can develop auto input software just like multiple clipboard software, They will can copy all the items to the clipboard and then paste it to input text-box with different hotkey. So we developed this fast and best auto typer software of Cok Free Auto Typer. In order to letting more people benefit from this auto inputting software, we publish it as a free software. Anybody can download and use it for free. Of course, we welcome you to donate us to urge us make better program and pay expenses of site. It is our honor to get your approval. We will develop the best auto typer software to assist you auto input text.



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