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Auto Typer for Windows 7, 8, XP - Cok Free Auto Typer

Free Auto Typer Software

Cok Free Auto Typer is professional software to input text by pressing set hotkey. Generally, we can only input a character by press a key. But with our software, you can input a paragraph of words by pressing a key or a key combination (shortcut key). There is much auto clicker software in the internet. But only little auto typing software we can find, and even fewer software is free of charge. You are pretty fortunate to find our software. If you feel it is useful to you, please introduce it to your colleagues, friends and your other family members. I hope it can help more people to improves their input efficiency and save their time.

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Auto typer for windows is useful tool for many information technology men. In the 21st century, everybody should try hard to find ways to finish their task efficiently. Industriously engages in unostentatious hard work is not a unique shortcut to success. In China, it is saying sharpening the axe will not interfere with the cutting of firewood. Done or produced automatically and without thought is not a good habit. When you take over a task, you should think if there has an efficient way to finish it. No doubt, using Cok Free Auto Typer is an efficient tool when you need to input many texts repeatedly.

This free windows auto typer software not only support to input English character automatically, it support type all words in world, such as Chinese, Japanese, French, Korean, Russian, Spanish, etc. No matter where you are; no matter what language you country are using. Our free auto typer software is the first option for you. Also you can download auto clicker for windows in our website. All our software is free, and it can be used flexibly and conveniently with steady in motion. No matter windows 7, 8 or Windows XP, auto typer software will run perfectly.



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