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Auto Keyboard Clicker Free Download - Cok Free Auto Typer

Generally, people don’t like to do the repeated and boring job. But sometimes we have to do it because the boss ask us to do or other reason we have no choice but to do it. In computer industry, input the same sentence continually is the most boring job for computer users. If there has a perfect solution to solve the problem of how to auto click keyboard to input words quickly and easily? Cok Free Auto Typer is your best choice.

Cok Free Auto Typer is an excellent ancillary software to help you to input characters. It can simplify keyboard operations and increase input speed. The input function support all the software including website, online chat software, Word, Notepad and any other input box. Even the account number and password can be inputted automatically with this auto keyboard clicker software. Most important, this is a freeware, without any advertising, you can use it for free forever. You can free download it at the following link.

Free Download

Who need this Auto Keyboard Clicker software

1, online customer-service
In many cases, online customer-service need to answer the same question again and again. Generally, We will type all the frequent answer question in a txt file, when some body ask this question, we will find and copy this sentence to the clipboard and then paste it and send it to the customer. So we need to copy it over and over again. At this time, maybe you will complain about the windows system why there is only a clipboard. If there are multiple clipboard in windows system, we can copy the different texts to the different clipboard and then use the different hotkey to paste it to the current input box. Now it has come true, You only need free download and install Cok Free Auto Typer. It will auto click keyboard to input a (or some) paragraph of words by press the set shortcut key.

2, The people who need fill in the same forms in computer.
Some times, we need to fill in some items to the same forms. We need to input all the items over and over again. Like the shareware and freeware developer, need to submit the software to many download site. You need to input the software name, version, homepage, description, download link frequently. You will be boring to do this job. Now, with this auto keyboard clicker software, you can set different hotkey with the software name, version, homepage, etc. When you need to input these items, you only need to press the hotkey.




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