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Using Keyboard Shortcuts Instead of Mouse Click and Move

Mouse Emulator

Many people are finding solution to use keyboard shortcuts instead of mouse operation. There is a best tool for you to do it: Cok Free Mouse Emulator. As the software name, it is a free tool to emulate mouse action with keyboard. No matter your keyboard is wired or wireless, you can use keyboard to control mouse with ease. Some days ago, I am very morose because my mouse was broken. So I developed this software and share it in internet. I hope it can help the people who have the same problem with me. In addition, I think the people who like to use their computer in bed will need it also, because there is no convenient place to put the mouse. It supports all windows systems including XP, Vista, Windows7 and win8. Generally it is used to control desktop computer, because laptop has its own touchpad.

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To many people, shortcut key is two or more key combination which including Ctrl, Alt or Shift. In fact, any key can be shortcut key like only a letter “a” or a number “1”. Because we should use letter key frequently, but the number of keypad area is not used frequently. So our software designed to use these keys to control mouse click and move. More details about how to use keyboard instead of mouse is as following:

Key 1, 2, 3: Instead of clicking mouse left button, middle button and right button.
Key 4, 5, 6, 7: Instead of Moving mouse pointer to left, down, right and up.

Mouse Move Speed: It indicates the distance when you click mouse move emulation key; the unit is pixel. The mouse pointer will move faster when you set a large value. But because span is large, so you can’t move the mouse accurately. Conversely, the mouse will move more slow when you set a small value, but you can control mouse move accurately. Generally, we can use the default value 10 pixels. By the way, if you hold the emulation key depressed, the mouse will move continuously until it arrive the edge of the screen.

Start/Stop hotkey: We seldom use numeric keypad, so our software was designed to use this area to control mouse with keyboard. When it is running, we can’t use this area to input number. If you need to realize the function of type number, you can press shortcut key to switch between start and stop.

Auto run with windows: It will start running when computer system start automatically.
Auto Minimize Start-up: Generally, we don’t need to change parameters, and it is not necessary to show a window when it runs. After the software ran, you can use Keyboard shortcuts instead of mouse click and move directly.

How to use keyboard instead of mouse

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