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Simulating Mouse Operation With Keyboard - Cok Free Mouse Emulator

Mouse Emulator

Cok Free Mouse Emulator is free mouse simulating software to emulate mouse click and move by operating your keyboard. With it, you do not have to worry when you mouse is broken or you are difficult to use mouse because environmental problems. It only occupy numeric keypad to control your mouse. Generally, computer users seldom use numeric keypad, so it does not affect you to use your keyboard normally. Of course, if you need to operate numeric keypad as usual, our software provide a switch hotkey to start or stop mouse emulating. Moreover, you can set mouse move speed to accelerate or slow mouse moving.
Number 0, 1, 2: mouse left clicking, middle clicking and right clicking.
Number 4, 5, 6, 8: moving mouse toward left, down, right and up.

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Cok Free Mouse Emulator Usage Manual

Number 0, 1, 2: Left click, middle click, right click.
Number 4, 5, 6, 8: Move mouse to left, down, right, up.
F9: Hotkey to start or stop to use keyboard to emulate mouse operation. You can change this shortcut key in setting window.
: This tray icon indicates that mouse emulation is active.
: This tray icon indicates that mouse emulation is inactive.
Mouse Move Speed: Mouse move span with a emulation click. Small value let you operate mouse more exactly but move speed is slow. Large value let you move mouse more fast but mouse operation is imprecisely.
Run on Windows Startup: It will auto run when windows startup.
Minimize Start-Up: When run it, it will minimize to tray icon automatically.

Who Need Mouse Emulator Software

1, The people who uses desktop computer in bed.
In winter, it is cold. Many people like to stay in bed and play computer. They can use their keyboard as usual. But when they operate mouse, they will have problems because the quilt is not flat and not hard.

2, Other people who is inconvenient to use mouse because environmental problems.
In some cases, people is inconvenient to use mouse. Such as people is in ship. Ship is jouncy so people is discommodious to use mouse. We can fix keyboard in permanent place but the mouse place is not fixed. We should arrange enough area to move the mouse. So it is troublesome to use mouse in shaky place. With mouse emulator, you do not have to worry about operating the mouse.

3, Mouse is broken.
A geek can operate computer without mouse. But ordinary persons are complete helplessness when their mouse is broken. They can use their computer with mouse emulator temporarily.


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