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Automatic Typing Software - Cok Free Auto Typer

Free Auto Typer Software

Are you depressed by typing and inputting the same text over and over again because of your job demand? Are you fretful when the customer ask you the same question again and again in the internet everyday? Now, this boring problem would be solved easily with Cok Free Auto Typer. You just need to download and install it, set the text you need to input and its corresponding hotkey. When you need to input this text, press the hotkey your have set, and then text would be input automatically. It can greatly save your time and reduce labor intensity, Most of all, It will let you work amusedly.

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Simple instruction for use of Cok Free Auto Typer

1, Click “Add” button, set text you need to reply and its corresponding hotkey.
2, Press the corresponding hotkey when you need to input text that you set, the text will be auto input immediately.
Pay attention: If you have set plenty of text, and cannot remember clearly their corresponding hotkeys, you can callout the software and double click the text you need to input, this text would auto copy to clipboard, then you can paste it to any input boxes.

Cok Free Auto Typer is suitable for

1, Online customer-service staff
If you are a customer-service staff online, you must be online most of your time every day to reply some same questions to customers over and over again. This dull activity may cause you gloomy and your attitude towards customers might become bad, as a result, you may lose some customers. With Cok Free Auto Typer, you could add answers text of often asked questions to the software, when customer ask these questions you just simply press hotkeys, questions can be solved. Thus it lessens your labor intensity, reduces your time, improves your work efficiency, what is more, you feel not that dull.

2, Employee who need to submit some repetitive forms
Sometimes, you want to release an article, product or software online, it is necessary to submit in many websites. If you input contents in this site and then input them in another site, it is such a dull and boring thing! You can get rid of these troubles with Cok Free Auto Typer.

Merits of Cok Free Auto Typer

1, It can set to auto start when computer runs and minimize to tray.
2, It can be call outed with hotkey.
Besides click tray icon to callout this software, you can press the certain hotkey too, you can hide it by pressing hotkey once again .
3. Double click random line, it can auto copy to copy to clipboard then you can paste text to any input boxes.
4. It can be always display in front-most.
It displays in front-most can help you to know accurately your hotkeys.

tip 1: It can assist us to input username and passwords. We can add username and password to this software, press corresponding hotkey when it requires.
tip 2: Hotkey can be set as single character or number. Such as “A” or “1”. It simplifies your operation.
tip 3: If we can’t use this software to imitate input in some software, please click “Set”, then “Option”, change input type to the other one.




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