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How to retrieve deleted text messages - Cok SMS Recovery

It is definitely upset when we delete some important text messages in our mobile phones by accident. But now the problem has been solved as we can restore those deleted text messages through Cok SMS Recovery, a professional SMS restoring software which can support all iPhone and Android phones. It can automatically analyze and read the database format, applicable for all versions of IOS and Android system.

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Simple instruction for use of Cok SMS Recovery

Two major steps are required for deleted short messages recovery. The first step is to export the preserved database files in mobile phone to the computer (Short messages in Android phones will be stored in mmssms.db file and short messages in iPhones will be stored in sms.db file). The second step is to read and recover data in the document through Cok SMS Recovery software. Detailed procedures are as below:

1.Export stored short messages from the mobile phone to the computer. Different operation methods are used for Android phones and iPhone respectively. Please click links below to know more details.
How to Recover deleted text message on iPhone  Video Guide
How to Recover deleted text message on Android phone

2.Open Cok SMS Recovery software and then click “File”, “Open SMS database” menu to open the database file exported from mobile phone.

3.Now the undeleted short messages are displayed in the app interface. But out final goal is not this but to recover the deleted short messages. It is easy to be done by clicking the “file” “recover” menu.

4.Hold on for seconds and you will find deleted short messages have been successfully recovered as shown in the graph as below:


1.Is it 100% possible to recover all deleted text messages?
Answer: we need to know the principle of SMS recovery firstly for better solution to this question. When short messages in our mobile phones have been deleted, the text message data would not be deleted immediately. Only when our mobile phones have sent or received new messages, the newly produced text messages data would randomly cover those deleted data blocks. If there is no new text messages sent or received in your mobile phone after the deletion, it is 100% sure that those deleted text messages can be completely recovered. But there are new text messages contacts after the deletion so that those deleted data blocks would be possibly covered by the new received data. So by no means would the deleted data blocks be restored if covered by new data. The probability of recovery for all deleted text messages is likely to be from 5% to 100%. Before you purchase the software, we could provide you with our trial version for recovery which can display the numbers of text messages which have been successfully recovered. All of these text messages which can be recovered will be presented to you after you purchase our software.

2.Why do I succeed to recover text messages deleted several years ago but fail for those text messages deleted in last month?
Answer: As we have mentioned in FAQ No.1, new data would randomly cover the deleted data blocks so that it is impossible to recover those deleted text messages if covered by new ones. Normally it is more likely for data recovery as earlier as possible for now. But it is not absolutely as there is the probability due to the random covering just as people never win even buy lotteries for the whole life but some guys win big prizes just for once. In addition, you could find whether there are any text messages you need to recover in “unknown phone numbers” in the list of software interface (“ungrouped phone numbers” for Android phones).

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