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Free Sound Recording Software for PC

Cok Free MP3 Recorder

Free PC sound recording software - Cok Free MP3 Recorder, so far, this is the best audio recording software for computer users. You can use it for free and no function limitation and time limitation. It captures the audio stream and save it as a mp3 files. With it, you can record sound from microphone and digital audio stream from sound card: put on earphones, and then record the sound which is playing now easily (such as music playing in the internet or background music in a film). Also many users used it to record Skype conversation.

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In windows XP system, the sound recorder software can only record 60 seconds. In windows 7 and windows 8 system, there is no time limitation, but you can’t record sound coming out of your external speakers or headphones easily. Now with our sound recording software, you can record any long sound and any sound source.

the right-hand side figure show you what our software can do for you exactly. The important setting is sound source selecting: from microphone, from computer or both. Generally, you don’t need to change other settings. If you want to record voice from your mouth, please select it record from microphone. If you want to record music from your computer, please select it record from computer. (If you want to record Skype or Yahoo Messenger voice conversation automatically, please download Spy Voice Recorder) In addition, you can set save path for recording files. In windows operation system after Vista, because of UAC, files can’t be created in some important folder. The same is true for our software. If you find our software have not generated mp3 files, please change the save path to another place. Generally, you can set it save files in My Documents folder or drive D. After you download and install it, I think you will like this PC sound recording software. Please recommend it to your friends or co-works.







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