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Free Audio Recording Software

Free PC Audio Recorder

Free Audio Recorder software for PC is popular software in the internet. But most recording software is not free and difficult to use for PC beginner users. Now, Free PC Audio Recorder satisfies the requirements of practical necessity. It is free and we guarantees it remains free in the future (for personal, non-commercial use). You can install it on any windows operation system. It is completely green and clean software, no Ads, no plug-in components. When you don’t need it, you can uninstall it on control panel easily.

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Free PC Audio Recorder widely used for:
1. Record line-in audio from your microphone.
2. Record stream audio (such as music)online.
3. Record other system audio from your PC sound card.
4. Record both in and out voice and mix it to be a song.

Best Recording Software for PC


With the right setting window interface, we can know the features of this recording software easily. You can change the audio source at pleasure. It meant for PC users who want to capture audio from microphone or other line-in device, sound card, video or audio player. And the top quality sound will be saved as an mp3 file. It record any thing which you can hear through your computer to mp3 audio files. This free audio recording software can easily record audio from other programs, such as Skype, Viber, Windows media player, Real player, iTunes, etc. The sound from line-in equipment can be record clearly. When you play the piano or sing a song. When you record sound from microphone on desktop computer, you need to insert microphone to your computer. When you use our software on laptop, generally you needn’t to insert mic because a mic have been installed on your laptop by manufacturer.





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