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How to Record Discord Voice Calls - Cok Auto Recorder

Cok Auto Recorder

Discord is powerful software for gamers and other communities to come together and chat, offering text, voice, video communication for free. In order to protect the privacy of users, Discord doesn’t offer an option to record voice calls, but you can use Cok Auto Recorder to record both sides audio when you take a voice call or video call. Cok Auto Recorder can detect the event of Discord voice call and video call, and it will start and stop recording automatically.

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Video Guide of Discord Audio Recorder - Cok Auto Recorder

1. Run Discord software and login on to your account on Windows computer.

2. Install and run Cok Auto Recorder. Click “File”, “Setting” menu.

3. Input “,Discord.exe” to the end of process name text box as the following picture. Then click Ok button to close settings window.
Pay attention: there is no space between comma and Discord.exe.

4. Cok Auto Recorder prompt us to restart it to apply the new settings. So, we need to click “File”, “Exit” to exit this application and then run it again.

5. Start voice call or video call in Discord.

6. Cok Auto Recorder will start recording automatically when the call is connecting. And it will stop recording when you or other side hang up the call. The whole process does not need human intervention.

7. At last, we can find and play the recorded audio conversation file by clicking “View Logs” button.

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